Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 9

The Power Wheels car has deserved a long over due update. Lately I have been busy working on it every chance that I get. From the last update, I’m pretty sure that the frame was not complete, or it was close to being complete. Well, the frame is completely done in terms of being structurally strong. I welded the rest of the seams that needed to be done. I grinded and sanded down the weld spots too.

After about a month of wait time I finally received the rear sprocket for our chain drive system. All I did was drill holes into the flywheel and put washers in between the flywheel and sprocket so I can space it out enough for the chain to go on.

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 8

This past week I have been trying to catch up on the schedule of the Power wheels car. I started off by attempting to finish the structural design of the steering column on the frame. I picked out 0.5inch round hollow tube metal and a steel pipe that I would fit bearings into for the steering shaft. I began to cut and weld the pieces into place. The process was going smoothly, until Andrew began to look for a bearing that would fit the steering shaft and the inside diameter of the steel pipe that I already welded on.

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 7

After doing some research I recently discovered that AutoDesk offers their Fusion 360 CAD program for free to hobbyists. So I have decided to switch to Fusion 360 from SolidWorks in the hopes that in doing so other people can more easily recreate, modify, or otherwise explore 3D models that get made in The Workshop. If you are interested in downloading and getting started follow this guide:

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 6

Our old Powerwheels chassis has taken a beating over the past two years now. With that being said, the team decided to create a new chassis and retire the old one. The layout of the new frame is a rather simple design, yet it is structurally sound enough to get the job done. The rear end of the old frame will still be used in our newer since it seemed to be the only part of the old chassis that was not bent or structurally defected.

Maker Faire Orlando 2017 - Part 2

Ever since attending the Mini-Maker Faire in Miami this year I have been thoroughly excited for Orlando’s event. There were so many cool projects and people this year and it was awesome being able to see everything that was on display. There were three things that really stood out as I browsed the Faire. Outside of the Workshop I am the president of a robotics club at a local university, and so it should come as no surprise that my favorite things to check out were all the amazing robotics being shown. From FTC builds to Battle Bots, Astro droids to Repair Droids there were all amazing. Two robots in particular that stood out to me were the Renaissance Robotics FTC build and steampunk R2 Droid.

Maker Faire Orlando 2017 - Part 1

Maker faire Orlando was an absolute blast to attend. It was amazing to see all the different forms of creativity that went into what everyone had to show. There were different types of computer builds, circuitry, physics projects, and so many different forms of art. I personally was keeping track of the Powerwheels competition that was held at Maker Faire. Each day of Maker Faire encompassed a different race/event for the Powerwheels competition. The first day of Maker Faire required that all the racers had to do preliminary qualifications, three sprint races, and a moxie lap.

Hybridized Garrett Boca Bearings Turbine - Part 3

I have been extremely busy in the workshop recently and trying to make more progress on the turbine has slowed down a bit since most of the turbine unit is disassembled. The last part of disassembly of the turbine deals mainly with the CHRA and removing the journal bearings completely. Tools necessary for the task:

1. Small snap ring pliers
2. Patience